COVIDSafe policy

We are a registered COVID Safe organisation and will be trying our hardest to keep you safe from COVID-19 while you are working with us on this project, in line with the latest NSW Health advice. You can see our COVID plan in more detail at the end of this toolkit.

We consider participating in this project will involve a relatively low risk of coming into contact with COVID-19, as most of our learning sessions will be delivered online via ZOOM.

Where we have scheduled face-to-face workshops, all participants will be required to sign a health declaration certifying that they have not been unwell in the 14 days prior to attending the specified site or session. Where possible, we will also hold as much of our face-to-face workshops outside, and we will ensure physical distancing requirements for indoor spaces are adhered to as per the area health requirements of the time.

We will also provide contact tracing record collection capabilities at all face-to-face workshops for the duration of the project. There is a QR code check-in for our business at the back of this toolkit and also displayed on the door of our premises.


When on site, QR codes will be provided to check-in and out.

We acknowledge and pay respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, Elders, and custodians across Australia, whose customs and cultures continue to inspire and connect us.

Please note, sections of our website may contains images, video, audio, and writings of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who have passed. We acknowledge them for the indelible mark they have left on our journey.