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If you're aged 17-24, living around the Kiama, Shoalhaven or Batemans Bay area, with a passion for digital storytelling and filmmaking ... we want to hear from you.

We want to hear your stories about living on the South Coast during this year of drought, bushfire, flood and COVID-19.

What has been your experience? How has your culture helped you or affected your experience? What has made you angry or sad? What has made you laugh? We want to hear your story, be it comedy, drama, tragedy or documentary. The project will help turn your story idea into a short film.

If you live around Kiama, Shoalhaven and Batemans Bay areas and are aged 17–24 years with a passion for digital storytelling and filmmaking, you are eligible to apply. Online expressions of interest applications are now open!

Applications for 'My Home' have now closed.


Program details

  • Program duration is 13 weeks starting from 13th January 2021
  • We provide online webinar workshops during COVID-19
  • Workshops and mentoring sessions will be hosted on Wednesday or Thursday evenings.
  • Workshop programs provide film industry mentoring across story development, scriptwriting, production planning, filming, post-production and publishing.
  • Short films will be published and shared across web platforms and short film festivals reaching local, State, national and international audiences.
  • Participation in the program is free of charge (no cost) for ten selected young aspiring film makers.

Check out the project Terms & Conditions.

Applications have now closed.

Stay tuned for updates and announcements

FAQs — Film Associated Questions

Will I get to keep my film at the end? 

Yes, your finished product is yours to keep! We just ask for screening rights for the first 12 months after the project has completed. (We will use it inspire other creative initiatives.) These rights will be further explained to successful applicants. 

What will my budget be?

There are no budget restrictions for the film you want to make, but our professional mentors will work with you to ensure you can complete your film in the time constraints of 13 weeks. It's also a good idea to remember that some very good films have been made for less that $200!

Where will the workshops take place?

If COVID-19 restrictions are in place at the program start date, workshops will be delivered online. Face-to-face sessions will be organised if possible once the project is underway, depending on health advice.

Will I need permission from actors I use?

Yes, you will need to gain written permission from anyone who appears in your film. We recommend you ask everyone sign a release form before you begin any shoots. You will also need to ask permission from any artists whose music, sound, or work you use in your film. More information about this will be available once the project starts.

What if I have no filmmaking experience?

No worries! All you really need is a story to tell and a willingness to learn new skills. Our mentors are all qualified professionals working in the industry, and are excited to be able to share their experience with young people. 

What do you mean by 'culture'?

We are particularly interested in hearing from applicants from diverse backgrounds and have found themselves calling on their cultural influences in a difficult year. Or, maybe you are living away from home and the South Coast has grounded you during such strange times. 

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