WHS policy (Work Health & Safety)

Southland Creative will make every attempt to keep you safe while you are working on site, however participants need to understand that, as most of the work involved in creating their short film will be completed in their own time and own space, they should endeavour to maintain safe work practises and spaces at all times.


While filming on set of their short film, participants should ensure basic health and safety measures are in place for themselves and all other people. According to Safe Work NSW, the most common injuries for people working in film and television include strains and sprains, fractures from falls, slips and trips, and hearing loss.

To minimise the potential of injury while completing this project, we require participants to undertake specific risk management steps, including:

  • wearing supportive enclosed shoes while filming;
  • checking for uneven ground, holes, or hidden trip hazards at all outdoor film sets;
  • reducing potential slip hazards by using slip-resistant shoes or mats;
  • practising safe lifting protocols;
  • avoiding filming from heights of more than 1m;
  • ensuring desk areas are safe and supportive (to the lower back and wrists in particular);
  • ensuring the relative chair and screen height is appropriate;
  • sufficient lighting is used in all work spaces;
  • ensuring hearing protection is worn while filming and/or editing footage; and
  • committing to ‘speak up’ immediately about any unsafe practises they see during filming or post-production phases of filmmaking.

Southland Creative is not liable for any injuries sustained to participants while they are working to create their own short films, including assisting with various roles on other participants’ films. This includes any damages to your own personal equipment, devices and or cameras.

If you have any questions or concerns about your personal risk while completing your film project, do not hesitate to ask a mentor or coordinator as soon as possible.

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