Refreshingly Human Thinking

We’re a tailored team of thinkers and doers. We’re creatives with a not-for-profit focus and community conscience. As a creative enterprise we prioritise projects with a social benefit, that grow healthy and resilient change for stronger people, places and things.

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For people,
places and things

    As a collaborative think-and-do-tank, our diverse knowledge, experience, insight and strategy puts us in a unique position to make great things happen.

    There’s no scope too broad, no objective too high, no subject too deep. We often start with a problem and aim for an elegant solution that combines quality storytelling, impeccable design, technological flexibility and a big social heartbeat.

    We believe in creating a-ha, not ta-da, moments

    Listening before speaking, thinking before moving, looking before jumping. We find inspiration in the stories and people who make this world tick.

    Everything we do is motivated by a human centre. We're not motivated by selling more, increasing consumption, or fabricating passing moments. When we talk about 'social' we're not (always) talking about the apps that thrive on 'likes'; we're (often) talking about people and ... how they connect ... in the real world. While some of the work we do is digital and likely always will be digital, we don't surrender to digital platforms.

    Let's start by making memories: Diverse experience across every conceivable angle, creating lasting and meaningful projects and experiences.


      Strategy — Multidisciplinary & Multidimensional

      Design, Story & Communication

      Digital & Experiential Platforms

      Education, Tools & Resource Development

      Social Impact & Programming

      Community Events & Festivals

      Workshops & Training


      Ready to make change?

      Whether you've got an initial idea, an existing program, a problem to solve, or new unknowns and 'what ifs' to explore, the outcomes are only limited by the room (and time) we're given to move.


      Sivan Agam

      Sivan Agam

      Board Member, Story & Music

      Sivan knows how to engage an audience. For 10 years she toured professionally, nationally and internationally, as a cellist/vocalist, and has had her music placed in award winning documentaries and television.

      Lucy Robertson

      Lucy Robertson

      Secretary, Journalism & Education

      Lucy is a professional wordsmith who’s been spinning colourful yarns for decades. She is passionate about stories of all kinds, from fictional adventures in storybooks, to factual expose in newsprint and fascinating tales in high gloss.

      Paul Ducco

      Paul Ducco

      Chair, Creative Director

      Paul is a multidisciplinary designer and Creative Director, well-versed in the world of visual storytelling. Since leaving high school early to pursue his creative endeavours, Paul’s career has travelled a rich, rewarding and diverse path through commercial animation, publications, digital development, print design, and long form film projects.

      We're proudly South Coast local

      While Southland creates and supports community projects and outcomes across the country, we're proudly based on the South Coast of New South Wales.

      We work on Jerrinja Wandi Wandian land, away from large city-centric echo chambers, which affords us a unique ability to view things from a human perspective. Combined with our wealth of experience, breadth of knowledge and diverse insights, we're able to think big while considering the finer details of honest, meaningful community connections.

      Balancing a considered approach with a desire to make true transformation, we're well-suited to the ever-changing world ... in fact, we embrace it.

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      If you've got a question, an idea, a project, or would like to enquire about becoming a citizen of Southland. This is the best place to do it.

      We acknowledge and pay respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, Elders, and custodians across Australia, whose customs and cultures continue to inspire and connect us.

      Please note, sections of our website may contains images, video, audio, and writings of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who have passed. We acknowledge them for the indelible mark they have left on our journey.